JUNE 29, 2021

5:00PM - 7:00PM EST

THE FOOL-PROOF ELEVATOR PITCH: the one you need and still don't have!

Join JORDYN BENATTAR (President of Speakwell, lawyer, actress), for a hands-on workshop that will simplify and dramatically improve your elevator pitch!

Learn to successfully PITCH YOURSELF in any setting; your next networking event, job interview, or unexpected coffee shop encounter!

No more pitching anxiety - No more memorizing 'your story' - No more mediocre pitches

Speakwell's framework is easy, customized, and fool-proof.


Learn the fool-proof pitch formula.

Do you get tongue-tied when talking about yourself? Is your career trajectory all over the place? Do you lack experience in the industry you're trying to break into? Does your confidence drop whenever someone asks you, "so, what do you do?"

Jordyn's simple pitch formula is THE solution to all of these problems. She teaches you the framework and gives you the tools to use it ASAP. All you have to do is fill in the blanks!

Customize your pitch for every opportunity.

No conversation or contact is the same - so your pitch shouldn't be the same every time either.

Jordyn will show you exactly how to cater your pitch to whoever is listening. No need to memorize a story or a script. After this, you'll be ready to give your custom pitch on the fly!

Perfect your pitch ... before you do it in the real world.

Humans learn best by doing. That's why this workshop gives you real, hands-on elevator pitching experience (before you get in an actual elevator and face the real thing).

1 single session.

Infinite opportunities.


Meet your coach, Jordyn Benattar.

Jordyn is Founder & President at Speakwell, the premier public speaking coaching & consulting practice that transforms people into masters of communication in both live and virtual settings.

As a top speaking expert, award-winning motivational speaker, film & television actress, lawyer and seasoned coach, Jordyn makes the art of pitching yourself simple and successful.

Jordyn has crafted thousands of winning pitches to date, and she can’t wait to see you in the PITCH YOURSELF Workshop to help you with yours!


"This was a seriously phenomenal learning experience. I actually took an interview class which was 2 hours a week for 3 weeks this past month and I can tell you that your session taught me way more about my pitch and how to authentically but masterfully demonstrate who I am and why I’m valuable / interesting in under a minute."

- Navi

"Most people think there is a tradeoff between authenticity and personal storytelling.

Enter Jordyn Benattar.

Jordyn led a session for some members of [our] community earlier this week. It was *incredible*

There was a TON of actionable advice on storytelling best practices. And virtually all of them involve cutting through the noise and getting your truest self out there.

It was so helpful ... Thanks again, Jordyn!"

- Kris

"I've had similar training as a part of my MBA, but found it much more effective through the lens of Jordyn's framework and applying it in real time.

It was an invaluable experience."

- Barkat


The potential of your pitch is unlimited.

But space in PITCH YOURSELF isn't!